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While Rev. Varughese Mathew and his wife, Saramma, were extensively touring the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1988 to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the people, it was heartbreaking for them to see small children, roaming the streets half-naked and begging for food. It was shocking for them to learn that, although some of the children were real orphans, most of them were deprived and neglected children of alcoholics and prostitutes or were living in such abject poverty that they went to the streets merely to beg for food.

In the Islands, it was common to see people commit suicide and leave children without anyone to provide for and raise them. These children, as they grow up either become thieves, murderers or are filled with anger and hatredness towards everyone. Many become alcoholics or prostitutes like their parents.

Pastor Mathew came to realize that the reason why they became like that because they needed love and affection and someone to care about them. He decided to care for them and bring them up as good citizens of their nation, as well as give them an atmosphere by which they could choose to become real disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This created a great burden in his heart to do something for these children, despite lack of funds. After unrelenting prayer, in 1997 they were able to take in 5 neglected/deprived children into their own home, provide for them, send them to school, and begin to teach them the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, through the prayers, help, and financial assistance of many Godly people, touched by these children, the Calvary Children’s Home houses, feeds, and clothes about 200 children. And, yet, more are coming and asking to be taken in. Our only limitation is space and a lack of funds to support them.

There are three categories of children in the Home:

  • Orphans without any parents,
  • Semi-orphans with only one parent who is not in a position to provide even basic needs and
  • Neglected children who have both parents but are neglected by their parents because of their abject poverty.


Purpose of Calvary Children’s Home

The aim of the Calvary Children’s Home is to absorb as many children as God permits and raise them up as God’s children, providing them with basic needs and education and make them good citizens of their country.

Changes Seen in the Children

As the children come into the Home, many behaved strangely. They were found to be aggressive and unsubmissive. Many of them had never been to school.

But today, several young people have completed their secondary education and have joined our Bethany Bible College and are interested in spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, many of our children now score top grades in school examinations. All of them love the Lord and wish to serve Him as they grow up.

When Rev. Varughese Mathew and his wife see these remarkable changes in these children, they are thrilled and challenged to help more children in the days to come. They want to see more of these children being moulded and built up for a good future.

But, they cannot do the job alone. It is only possible through your earnest prayers and financial support. For information on how you can contact Pastor Mathew and help in this cause, please see the contact section.