September 30, 2011

Ministry Report

2015 was an year of great blessing as well as growth in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. All our ministers were concentrating on

1) More learning of the Word of God

2) More prayer and

3) More new souls.

There has been unprecedented opposition from the militant Hindus as well as the government authorities.

So the ministry was not easy, still the Lord has been so gracious to us.

New Pahar Gaon is the head quarter of the Indian Christian Fellowship s situated. There are number of new souls added to the Kingdom of God. But few of our neighbors, as they have been very devoted Hindus as well as influential in the police department and other Government offices move against of the worship. We have many experiences when the Spirit filled worship happens there have been many deliverance occur from demon possession incurable disease and miracle happen.

Understanding this as the worship get its anointing stage some perverted people call the police and stop the worship. We appreciate your prayers in this situation so that the Holy Spirit of the Lord may move even more mightily.


In PaharGaon among many people with whom we have been sharing the Gospel, there is a family who went through a tough situation. Mr. Phool Sai, his wife Nagaveni Bai were listening the Gospel whenever we visited them.

Brother Phool Sai was very interested to know more about the Lord Jesus and the salvation experience. But his wife was telling that she was from a very strong Hindu family and if she converts to the Christianity this would be a big problem for her and herself and her husband would be ex-communicated from the society. We had been praying for that family. Unfortunately some sad thing happened in that family, Phool Sai fell down from a tree and died. Nagaveni and her two children Premika Bai and Jenika Bai were totally devastated. They were very frustrated not knowing what to do and where to go. We kept on visiting that family and were sharing the comfort as well as Divine love they could get from the Lord. Finally as the lord transformed them, Nagaveni Bai, and her children Premika and Jenika came to the Lord.

In our Bethany & Calvary Children’s Home all the children are enjoying their wonderful times with God by singing His songs and prayers. At present we have 110 children in our Orphanage, Bethany & Calvary Children’s Home. This is the time they need love and affection of their parents but are left abandoned and neglected. So we make every possible effort, as our God blessing us, to keep homely atmosphere for our children providing them hygienic food, better education, fine clothing and all other sanitation and hygienic facilities, enjoying picnics and taking care of all their daily needs.

Our prayers always upholding you and your family and also require your prayers continuously.

With love and prayers,

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Varughese Mathew