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     The Union Territiory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands constitute the farther most part of the Indian Union. The archipelago of Andaman & Nicobar Islands spreads along 780 kilometers in the Indian Ocean. The southern tip of these Islands is 91 miles from Sumatra.

The major languages spoken are Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi and Urdu.

These Islands are the home of six primitive tribal groups and some of them are very hostile towards outsiders. Many of the Islands are totally unreached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Before the second coming of our Lord, Rev. Varughese Mathew and ICF are attempting to reach all the 546 villages in these scattered Islands using all possible means.

Pray for the Aboriginal Groups

There are six, primitive tribal groups that live in the dense forests of the Islands. Among them two belong to Mongolian tribes and four to negrito tribes.


These people believe that the spirit of the deal continues to experience pleasure and pain like a normal human being.

The Shompen

When a child is born, in the evening before the mother and child go to sleep, a small wooden stick is burnt and waved around the child to protect him/her from evil spirits.

The Onge

These people believe that they are born in this world because of the Great Spirit “Onkobowkwe”. It is their belief that none of their women can conceive without the grace of “Onkobowkwe”, a spirit whose abode is in the sky.

The Great Andamanese

These people believe that the dead persons go on using things they liked in their life.

The Sentinelese

Among the sentinelese, both the women and mean wear nothing except some leaf around the head, neck and arms.

The Jarawa

After the death of a person, the small bones in case of adults and lower jaw in case of children are taken out.

Please pray for the salvation of these peoples!