Reverend Varughese Mathew was born into a nominal Christian family in the State of Kerala in India. He received Sunday school instruction from his church. But, even while he was studying about God in the church, he began to doubt whether the Bible course that was taught was right or wrong because his teachers were smoking and consuming alcohol.

As Varughese Mathew grew up to be a teenager, he tried smoking a cigarette which slowly lead to his addiction to smoking and gradually he also started to drink alcohol. Little by little gambling also became a part of his life.

In 1982 during the second year of his Bachelor degree course, according to his parents’ will, he began preparing for priesthood after graduation. As a preparation for entering the priesthood, Varughese began reading the Bible. Each and every verse seemed to be convincing him of his personal sin before God. Continued reading of the Bible lead him to pray and ask for forgiveness of his to the Lord Jesus Christ.

By the Grace of God in March 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord and was saved! Following that, he realized his need for water baptism, which became a turning point in his life. After several weeks, God filled him with the Holy Spirit. During this time, he began to realize that God had called him to the ministry.

So, there was never any confusion about his future life. Because of this conviction, Varughese joined a Bible college after graduation. After studying for some years in the Bible college, God gave him a vision to go into the mission field. Reverend Varughese Mathew worked as a Pastor in Kerala State for two years from 1985 to 1987.

One day in 1987, God asked him, “Why can’t he go to a place where the Gospel has not reached the people and where missionaries are not willing to go?” Immediately Varughese Mathew responded, telling God, “God, I no longer belong to myself and am yours, and will go where ever you guide me.”

He and his wife, Saramma, began praying to know God’s Will, during which time the Lord began revealing His plans for their ministry. So, “being fully persuaded” they both traveled to the Andaman Islands and started working for the Lord – penniless!!

They trusted the Lord and moved to the Andaman Islands in Port Blair with no outside financial assistance, no jobs, and no personal financial resources – except the Lord Himself!

Although God was and is faithful, there were days of struggle and testing. There were days when there was no food to eat. Worse for a father and mother, they were unable to provide milk for their 8 month old daughter. Instead, she was given black tea in her “milk” bottles. During those years there were also assaults and threats from Hindu fanatics.

But the Lord of all Comfort gave them the courage and mental strength to carry on the ministry without fear.

What others though impossible, God made Possible. Praise the Lord for His goodness and provision.

Today, they have two lovely daughters and a home in Port Blair. The Lord has helped them to plant 13 churches in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. They have started a Bethany Bible College and have plans for building another branch in the Middle Andamans. They have established a Calvary Children’s Home for neglected and deprived children and orphans.

Their vision is to reach all of the 546 villages of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.