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Since 1988 Indian Christian Fellowship works in many islands in the Andaman Islands as well as in various parts of India. We believe that the mankind can find eternal life and peace of mind only through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indian Christian Fellowship makes facilities for those people who want to come together to share the Love of God and share their experiences. Through these years many people find salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ and are worshipping in various places.



Rev.Varughese Mathew started the Bethany Bible College in Port Blair with the purpose of training the spiritually interested youngsters of the local origin, who were converted to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel. So that they could be sent to the field to witness and win their own people. A number of youths have already been trained in the college and have become Pastors working in the Islands.

In order to equip the people who have a real passion to share their experiences with others and present their testimonies to others who are willing to change their lives, Bethany Bible College has been started. During these years many people are trained in such here and are working tirelessly in various parts of India.

Expansion of BBC

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand of young people to be trained for the ministry, B.B.C has started another training center in Darjeeling District. In this Centre, many students from East Indian states, Nepal, as well as Bangladesh, are undergoing training.

Those who want to know more about the training could contact:
The Registrar, Bethany Bible College, New Pahar Gaon,
Garacharma P.O, Port Blair, Andaman Island, India- 744105.


In order to help the poor and marginalized Indian Christian Fellowship has been involved in the Community Development programmes. For the Fishermen community ICF has provided fishing boats, nets, and other accessories. Through this many families have been making their lively hood. We also provide Farming assistance to the farmers.


ICF always would love to help those people whom many others are neglecting. There are many mentally and physically challenged people who really need our love and care. Even though we can’t help all the people whatever number of people we can help we need to do something for them.